Ulf Myrvold is widely known in Norway for his expeditions into the wild. For years his dark conducting voice has captured viewers of 'Ut i naturen' ('Out in the nature’).

Only the lucky few have experienced this forrester on stage, reeking of the essence of the blues - this historian and innovator, pouring out pure heart and pain.

Ulf Myrvold - doesn’t look at the blues as a genre but as a feeling and state of mind that can be found in the swaps, the desert, the plains and in the mountains.

Ulf gets inspired by the early 30’s blues masters like Robert Johnson, Son House and Blind Willie Johnson - dusty soulful music, the foundation of real blues. Combine this with modern masters like Jack White, Hendrix and Ry Cooder, the Tuaregs like Ali Farka Touré and Tinariwen, - and countless hours under the open sky and then result is Myrvold’s own compositions.

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