First review of Lucid Moments

The first review of As the tired trains cross Europe - Lucid Moments has come in!

It is DEREKSMUSICBLOG who has been so kind to write a great 'analysis" all tracks.

Read it here

A few quotes:

"He combines power and passion, delivering the lyrics with feeling. By then, Vegard sounds uncannily like David Bowie. Everyone they say, has a doppleganger. The Thin White Duke’s is Vegard Eggum."

"The way Vegard Eggum delivers the lyrics his fear seems very real. It’s as if he’s lived the lyrics, and his delivery of them is a cathartic cleansing, where he releases his inner demons."

"This shows musical adventurer Vegard Eggum’s determined to innovate, and to create music that’s both melodic and emotive."

"As The Tired Trains Cross Europe is the perfect showcase for the the multi-talented Vegard Eggum. He wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the ten tracks on Lucid Moments. It’s a musical roller coaster, where As The Tired Trains Cross Europe flits between and combines elements of country, electronica, folk, jazz, Krautrock, Nordic Wave, pop, post rock, psychedelia, reggae and rock. The result is a musical journey that all music loves should experience and embrace."

"Norway is home to some of the best independent record labels in Europe. Hubro Music and Rune Grammofon release music that’s ambitious, influential and innovative. They’ve been doing this for years. Now, Big Pink Records are about to follow in their footsteps. What better way to launch a new label, than with an album that, without doubt, is one of the best debut albums of 2015."