One guy, no rules and a hundred ideas.

With the inspiration of such masters as David Bowie, Flaming Lips, Beck and King Crimson deep within his bones, Vegard Eggum (Meadows & Io, Sightseers, Ulf Myrvold Band) hit record just to see how far he could take it on his own. There was no real mission, no real plan, only the need to create.

Beating out every note by himself, the intense studio sessions resulted in ‘Lucid Moments’: an album of ten original songs written, recorded and played by Eggum.

His voice and lyrics lie at the focal point of it all and Eggum stands transformed from guitarist who sings to singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist with an awful lot to say.

Eggum has produced a set of powerful and evocative songs centered around his voice and lyrics backed up by his expressive and unique musicianship.

Lucid Moments is a musical journey through the (un)conscious mind of Vegard Eggum, on a dark yet colorful road filled with hope, wonder and fantastically great songs.

The debut album 'Lucid Moments' was released September 18, 2015 - on Big Pink Records


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